„This is how Apple built the iPhone X“

“As far as last-minute design changes? Actually, we didn’t have time for it,” said Riccio, who seemed energized by the memory of that intense development period. “Quite frankly, this program was on such a fast track to be offered and enabled this year. We had to lock the design very, very early. We actually locked the design, to let you know, in November,” said Riccio before he was cut off by Apple PR. Riccio appeared to realize he’d said maybe too much, and then reaffirmed with a smile, “We had to lock it early.”

Lance Ulanoff | Mashable

Man kann darüber streiten, was „very, very early“ bedeutet. Als grobe Zeitangabe lässt sich aber festhalten: 9 bis 12 Monate vor Release legt sich Apple fest.

Alex Olma
Mac & i

„This is how Apple built the iPhone X“

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