„From ‚Siri Sucks‘ to siriOS in 5 painful steps“

Episode #084 von Vector listet (in 14 Minuten) einige zentrale Schmerzpunkte von Siri auf und arbeitet damit entsprechend Apples Hausaufgaben heraus.

It won’t just be about not being competitive, it’ll be about not being relevant in the next generation of super accessible, super personal computers. If there’s anything that has dominated Apple’s history, it’s been their relentless drive to make evermore personal, evermore accessible computers.

Wie weit der Weg zu einem „super personal computer“ aber noch ist1, egal ob er auf das Zauberwort Alexa, Google oder Siri hört, schrieb zuletzt Joe Cieplinski zusammen:

Here’s what I really want out of a virtual assistant: Assistance. Not trivia questions. Not timers. Utility. It needs to actually make my life significantly easier.

Let me give you an example. And there’s no doubt in my mind this will be possible someday.

“Alexa, book me a flight for Peers Conf.”

If I had a human personal assistant, that’s all I’d need to say to get this task done. They would go straight to work, and I’d get on with my day. […]

Wake me up when Alexa can do anything remotely this complex, and I’ll start to worry about Apple “falling behind” in this space.

Good vs. Better at Bad

  1. … der euch mindestens mal nicht grundlos auslacht… 

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„From ‚Siri Sucks‘ to siriOS in 5 painful steps“

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