„The First Impression Of The iPhone X“

After a few days with the iPhone X, I can begin to make out its themes. It’s a step towards fading the actual physical manifestation of technology into a mist where it’s just there —a phone that’s “all screen,” one that turns on simply by seeing you, one that removes the mechanics of buttons and charging cables. A decade hence, when it’s time for the iPhone 20 (XX?), we’ll already be on the road to what comes after the smartphone; the X might be a halfway point to that future. And that’s why, despite the fact that the iPhone X at present is no more than a great upgrade to the flagship device of the digital age, I can’t easily dismiss Tim Cook’s effusions that this is more than a just another iteration.

Steven Levy

Apple und Tim Cook nennen das iPhone X: „The future of the smartphone“. Oder anders: „The iPhone X sets the tone for the next decade in technology.

An dieser Aussage stört sich Steven Levy; und an Wireless Charging („which I find mostly useless now“). Es bleibt sein einziger echter Kritikpunkt.

Alex Olma
Mac & i

„The First Impression Of The iPhone X“

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