„Apple Versus the Trademark Sleuths“

Wie verstecken Apple, Google oder Amazon die Namen ihrer nächsten Produkte?


A more effective approach also used by Google, Amazon and other tech companies involves registering names in foreign countries without searchable trademark databases. The tactic leverages a rule in section 44(d) of the U.S. Trademark Act that lets companies apply for a trademark in one country and receive registration priority in the U.S. if filed there within six months of the original, foreign filing date. Of the 177 countries that comply with U.S. rules, 66 lack online trademark databases. These include  Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Peru and Jamaica. The latter has become a favorite hiding place for companies such as Apple.

The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office is housed in a modern palm-flanked building in the capital, Kingston. Thirty-one people work there and at least 10 trademark searches are conducted each day, according to the office’s director Lilyclaire Bellamy. The only way to conduct searches is in-person, meaning sleuths need to fly to Jamaica or hire a local trademark lawyer to search the office’s computer system like an old-school library. Searches are free, but it costs 150 Jamaican dollars ($1.17) to print out each page.

Mark Gurman | Bloomberg

Und wie versteckt Apple eigentlich das Formfaktor-Bild fürs nächste iPhone?


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„Apple Versus the Trademark Sleuths“

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